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Life-long musician, born in Cape Town, South Africa during the previous century. Played in several bands as a kid, most notably as a musical compadre of Anton Fig. Our band, HAMMAK became quite well-known in Cape Town.

Fig and I always dreamed of having a band in America, so after graduating from Berklee College Of Music in 1977, we relocated to NYC and formed the band 'Spider' (Keith, Anton, Amanda Blue, Holly Knight, Jimmy Lowell).


Two albums released on Dreamland Records, spawning a couple of charted singles in the early 80's. Several big hit covers of 'Spider' songs - the ones written by Holly Knight. Later released an album as 'Shanghai' on Chrysalis Records. At this point Beau Hill had taken over keyboards. Fairly short-lived.

Went on to play and/or record with many bands, artists and musicians in the 80's/90's and beyond. Link Wray, Blondie Chaplin (mostly as 'Skollie' with Anton), Chris Spedding, Dick Rivers, Bob Dylan (Streets of Fire Soundtrack), Mack Rice (he wrote 'Mustang Sally'), Melanie, Sam The Sham, and countless other awesome New York area players.
I have always been a producer type and some artists I’ve produced or co-produced and / or recorded and mixed are: Blondie Chaplin, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood ,Bobby Keys and Bernard Fowler (all four on Blondie's 'Fragile Thread' album), Skollie, Parlor Dogs, Kix, Steve Holley, Robin Auld, Andre De Villiers, The Bashers, Lee Nestor, Mark Newman, Halvard T. Bjorgum, Amanda Blue Leigh, 22 Brides, Broken Poets, Jeff Garfinkle, Dylan Roddick, Kidd Radar, The Eclectic Troubadors, Gian Wiegner and Syd Kitchen.